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Our goal is to EXCEED your Expectations - please let us know when we do!  And, because everyone can fall short occasionally; please let us know how we can improve even more!


Saying goodbye to Evie was hard, but everyone just made it easier in so many ways.  Truly blessed that you care about not just your furry clients but the owners.                                                 - Fleta Wilson



Thank you all so much for taking great care of Tanner all these years, and for helping us through a heartbreaking time with compassion and thoughtfulness.  He is greatly missed.          

                                    - Stacy & George Holscher



Dear Animal Medical staff,

        Thank you for your many years of care for our sweet dog, Blaze.  You were an integral part of his well-being.  Also your kind words of sympathy at his passing were touching and much appreciated.

        Blaze brought his own grace and beauty into each of our lives.  The emptiness is great, but the love and memories even greater.

                                                        - Sincerely, The Sallada Family


     We had a most pleasant visit to get both cat’s nails trimmed this month. I am disabled and one of the technicians assisted me with the door in order to get the wagon holding the cat carrier into the building.  I like the calming towel that is placed over the carrier to calm the cats before they are taken back for their treatment.  They remain calm until we return home.

     The technicians are always very friendly to the animals in the waiting room and courteous to the owners as well.  My cats were back in no time and we were on our way in no time.  It is no different when we go in with a more serious concern.  We are always treated with courtesy and concern by the staff as well as the doctors, all of whom are caring individuals.  I am happy to be having my cats treated here.                                                 - Barbara Hart



Thank you so very much for all you have done through the years.

  • The Morells


Dr C,

I wanted to thank you for everything, but words are sometimes hard to find.

Thank you:

- for all the loving care that you gave to Baby

- for all of your patience and guidance

- for all of your kindness

- for taking great care of all of our fur babies

- for your knowledge

- for everything                                          - George & Earline



Dear Friends,

        We as a family just wanted to thank you for Samwise’s last care needs.

        We appreciate your knowledge, care, compassion and dedication to your patients, especially Samwise.

        We still miss him, over 1 month he’s been gone but we often take comfort on how you took care of us at his end.  We share with all we know how wonderful your practice is.

        Thank you again, we have his paw print!

                                                        - Sincerely, The Hines Family


 Doctor & Staff,

        Thank you for being so caring during Missy’s last hour.  You gave me a choice when I knew it was beyond time for her to be put down. And you let me be on the phone with her when she took her final shot.  The feet prints is something I will cherish.  Then the card came which was an awesome touch.  Sorry to be so long writing this.  Thank you.  I have lost 5 family members in the past two months, but have shed more tears over Missy (as I am now).  She was my Best Friend.  Thanks again for caring.

                                                        - God Bless,  Michael


Dr. Carrico & Staff ~

I want to thank you for the caring attitudes when I was sick in your office this past week.  My low blood sugar really hit me hard – the worst in years – Tosha immediately gave me a Dr. Pepper, some peanut butter stuff & some crackers.  She also helped me lay down until I was feeling better.  She drove me home – what a blessing!

Thank you for having such an awesome staff that knows how to think outside the box.      

                                                  - Gratefully, Debbie Batliner-Bell



Thanks so much for taking such great care of Cassie for all these many years.  Thanks to your help we were blessed with almost 14 years with our baby.  We will be forever grateful.



Dear Dr. Carrico and Staff,

♥      Words aren’t enough to express our sincerest and heartfelt thanks to you for your care and support through the years…. Most of all when we recently visited Virginia for some medical procedures for Hank and me;   and Beau needed to be seen by you.  Thank you for the extra TLC you always provide to our beloved kitty – we are so blessed.  ♥  It was so nice to see everyone at the clinic, including Roo, who is your very special “Welcome Ambassador”!

        Special Thanks to Katie for helping us with Beau’s special Renal Support food while his Dr’s office up here are trying to get their supplies updated.                                            -  Our love, blessings & best wishes to all, The Washburns



Dear Dr. Carrico,

From the very beginning to the very end, you were there for us, and cared.  Whether it was the medial assistance for Sam, or the helpful ideas, advice and encouragement that you offered us, you always gave us your best.

Thank you so much for treating us with kindness and respect, and Sam with gentleness and love.

He thought the world of you, and so do we.                     -  Jean



Just a little something to say Thank You!  I can’t thank each of you enough for your help and guidance in treating Tanner this past week. 

You’ve always taken such great care of him.

Wishing you each a very Happy Holiday Season                 - the Evans Family




Dear Dr. Carrico,

I’m finally sitting down to write you an overdue thank you note.  You and your staff, especially Tosha, were so helpful when we brought Ginny in.  It helped me a lot when you said you like to think of her gentle spirit going out to teach someone else what she taught us.  She was a good teacher.

It’s still hard to come home and remember she’s not there.  But it’s nice to remember how gentle you were with her and with us that last day.

                                                                        - Thank you!


Dr. O and Staff,

Thank you so much for fitting in Holly on a busy Saturday!  You were right on your diagnosis Dr. O!

Having you all just around the corner is a blessing!    -  Love, Holly & Deanise



Dear all who helped with the care of Marley –

Thank you for your daily patience, kindness and understanding when it came to our years with Marley.  Saying goodbye was heartbreaking for our family, but we are also at peace, knowing she is at peace.  A special thanks to Dr. Carrico, who helped us with insight to know when it was time to say goodbye.  Without it we would have been lost, as Marley was not making it as obvious as we expected with the cancer.  And a special thanks to Dr. Smithwick and Tosha, who made those last moments with Marley very peaceful and comforting.  We remain indebted to all of you – you are so amazing with our pet family!            - the Waxmans



We, the family of Frog Goff, want to thank each of you for the wonderful care & treatment you gave in the 6 years that he came to you.  That was half his life.

He loved coming to your office, even when you had to stick him.  We appreciate each of you because it is obvious that the animal is your primary focus, but you were also kind and understanding to his grandparents.  Dr. C, we are especially appreciative of the time you tookwith us on Wednesday telling us to get ready for what was coming.                          -  Thanks again and God Bless you all!



Thank you all for treating our Sam with such gentleness and love over the years.  The extra time, iffort and affection you offered him never went unnoticed or unappreciated by him or us.

Thank you also for treating us like family, for that is the way we think of you.

p.s.  -  Sammy loved you!



We want to thank you for your care and kindness during our difficult time of saying goodbye to Zoe.

Your care for Zoe over the years has been so personal and we can’t thank you enough for keeping her healthy for us.

We will continue to see you when we bring Bruiser in, you are our vet for life!

                                                        - Warm Regards, Mark, Lil, & Bruiser


We’ve been with Dr. Carrico and her staff since 2001.  They have provided many well visits for our beloved animals, and they have also walked with us through some very difficult times as we had to say goodbye due to serious illness or age.  Dr. Carrico and Dr. Oberlander are two of the most compassionat and caring vets I’ve ever met.  On several occasions, they have come to our home when it became obvious that it was time to let one of our beloved dogs or kitties go – and that has meant the world.  We are so grateful for all that Dr. Carrico and Animal Medical Clinic of Chesapeake have done for our family.

                                                                        -  Connie & Henry Faivre



To Everyone @ Animal Medical,

        Our sweet Kaiser left us earlier this week with very sad regrets.  Since all of you played a role in his care recently and over the years, we just wanted to say “thank you” for all the times you slipped him in when we didn’t have an appt. and always having in your special care.  What a great team.                                                                                        - Affectionately, Sean & Dalene



Dear Dr. Carrico,

        I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Meli for the last 14 years.  It was very kind and thoughtful of you to come to my home to help Meli move on in the most comfortable way for her.  Not only did you do what was best for Meli, you really helped me prepare for the loss of our beloved family member.  You have a very gentle way of handling end of life care and I WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU GAVE Meli the gift of being at home in her final moments.  We are heartbroken with the loss of Meli but it helps to know that she was given the best care and attention.

                                                - With sincere thanks, Shana Conley


To All The Staff,

Thank you for the excellent care Shona always receives.

                                                        - The Bandzi’s


I am so grateful to everyone at Animal Medical for taking such WONDERFUL care of our 15-1/2 year old Pomeranian, Foxy.  Foxy had a wonderful long life due to the care she received at Animal Medical.

We will be forever grateful.  Thank you!                           -  Diana



Rebecca and I would like to express our gratitude to the staff of Animal Medical.  We were referred to you by another Chow owner when AJ was a puppy.  Obviously, the referral was a good one. 

On June 10, AJ went for one last ride and we returned home heartbroken but knowing in our hearts he is in heaven and suffering no more.  God knows we miss him but we thank God for touching our lives and teaching us many things through our beloved, little trooper, AJ.

In closing, when we open our home and hearts to another 4-legged family member, we will continue to use Animal Medical for our pet’s medical needs and well-being.                                                                     - the Hardt Family



To Dr. Carrico & her incredible staff –

Thank you so much for your support an patience with me through Dezi’s acute illness.

I appreciate your attention, skill and support.                  - Pat Raymond


To Our Vets & all the staff who take such great care of us,

        Thanks for taking care of our special family members.

                                                - Riff, Oscar, Jeff & Francis Newman



Dear Dr. Carrico & Staff,

        I just wanted to send a heartfelt handwritten note of appreciation and thanks for the care and concern you gave to Dutchess yesterday.  Although she is a little groggy from the drugs; I can already tell she is a different animal!

        Thank you for caring for her and helping us out.



        We’ve been with AMC for over 16 years.  Very compassionate staff.  Dr. Carrico is a wonderful vet.                                  -  Patricia Doyle



Dear Dr. Carrico,

Thank you for the wonderful care you provided Chessie, Jasmine, and me over the years.  God provided a precious gift with these little ones and I appreciate all you did for each of them during their lives.

        Thank you too for helping me with losing Chessie.  It helped me a great deal to talk to you.  She had my heart and I will miss her.

        May God Bless you and everyone working with you!       -  Mary Lou


        How can you thank someone who has cared for your pet?  Jaxx is my Service animal, we are friends and we are always together.  Your caring attitude and love for my service dog has brought me to tears of joy, you are helping him with his pain and treatments and for that I will never be able to thank you enough.  You have brought us hope and a future together.     -  Tom McGuinness


Dear Wonderful Dr. Carrico and staff!

        We have moved but we wish to thank you for the excellent care Beau received at your clinic for over seven years.  We miss you a lot.  Best wishes for the Holidays and the New Year.                             - Beau’s Momma


        Went there with an emergency.  Dr. Oberlander and her wonderful staff treated me with the utmost kindness, concern and compassion.  My poor “baby” was handled with the greatest gentleness and tender loving care.  Unfortunately, I lost him to a condition that could not be treated.  There is absolutely no feeling of a production line atmosphere but rather one of total commitment to both the patient and the Pet Parent.  Wish I had found them long ago.  I am so grateful for all they did for my “baby” and myself.                               -  Susan


Dear Friends,

We recognize that dealing with the final stage of a family pet’s care is a part of your expected stewardship.  You entire staff treated Boomer and our whole family with such care and sensitivity that this final transition was as peaceful for him and as tolerable for us as possible.  Thank you Dr. Carrico and Dr. Oberlander for everything you have done for our family.



I used Animal Medical for years when we lived in Chesapeake.  We since have moved to North Carolina and had to put our cat down just a month ago.  I am in the process of getting a new kitty and will be using Animal Medical.  Their facility is clean and has o smell when entering.  I highly recommend this Veterinary!               -  Deanise



I have been with Dr. Carrico and her staff for the past 10 years.  They are caring and when I walk in I feel like I am in a family like atmosphere.  I won’t go anywhere else.                                                         -  Donna Swanstrom



I have been with AMC since I moved to Chesapeake in 1991 and travel from North Carolina to stay with Dr. Carrico.  She is very simply a nice person.  Her love and knowledge of animals is like no vet I have ever met.  She took care of my German Shepherd and best buddy, Thunder, with all his hip problems and other problems and kept him alive and happy for almost 13 years.  I am forever grateful for that and the compassion she showed me and my family when I had to put him to sleep.  My two Shepherds now seem to be headed down the same path with hips and I am confident she will be able to do the same, if not better, with the addition of the K-laser.  The staff is fabulous as well.  I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone I meet.                                 -  Diane



I have been with AMC since 1996ish.  The staff is the most caring I have ever dealt with!  They have taken care of my 2 min pins and my GSD, and most recently my border collie.  The experience I would like to share however is about my GSD, Champ.  I adopted him from a rescue in 2004 and he was a mess.  Ear infections and skin infections and 25 pounds underweight.  Dr. C was AMAZING with him, so kind and patient with us both.  Within a year his hair had grown back, medicines were in place for allergies, and although chronic, the ear infections were much better under control.  He was the most beautiful and loyal dog ever, and with Dr. C’s intervention he lived to be almost 12 years old.  When it came time to put him down, she came to my home to keep it in the family.  I too will be forever grateful for the care she showed to him and me both and for what I genuinely feel was a couple of extra years she was able to give him through her care!!  Thank you AMC for being the bestest!                               -  Denise


        I have been with Dr. Carrico and staff since 2001.  I am so very grateful for the knowledge and compassion of these team members.  They have been there for me from my lab’s knee replacements, my lab’s death, actually coming to my home to put her down, to the lastest of my Black and Tan’s ruptured disc in her back.  There were many options when this happened, but I opted for the K-laser.  My dog went from not walking to now running with the pack.  I will forever be grateful to Dr. Carrico for giving me the option of not having to have surgery on my dog.  And if you are looking for a great dog she can tell you about ‘Save Our Setters’!                                                            -  Kathryn Hoshii