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"Thanks to Dr. Carrico, the K-Laser treatment and the caring staff at Animal Medical Clinic of Chesapeake,  our  12 year old Boston Terrier, Scooter,  is pain free and has been given more time to play and enjoy life with our family." 


     In November, Scooter, our once energetic Boston terrier, was having trouble standing. She swayed back and forth and hung her head low. X-rays revealed a Scooter likes his Laser Therapy at Animal Medical of Chesapeake, 921 Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeakeruptured disk in her neck. Dr. Carrico prescribed anti-inflammatory and pain meds and requested that we carry her up and down the stairs and take her toys away to relieve the pressure on her neck. Dr. Carrico provided us with information on  a new technique for pain and swelling for animals called  K-Laser.  

     Approximately six weeks later, while our family was waiting to see how Scooter responded to the medications and still pondering our decision about the K-Laser treatment,  Scooter ruptured another disk.  This time, she could not walk and her pain was heartbreaking.  Scooter was part of the family, but for the first time, as difficult as it was,  our family considered the option of having Scooter euthanized.  She also has kidney disease and an enlarged heart.  Dr. Carrico compassionately assisted us with the decision to  try 24 hours of a cortisone drip to see how Scooter would respond.   

     Much to everyone's surprise, approximately four hours later Scooter was able to stand, but with a lot of swaying.  We were once again hopeful for her recovery. With Dr. Carrico's encouragement, Scooter began the K-Laser treatment.  At first, we were skeptical about the K-laser treatment, but we observed the comfort  the laser beam  gave Scooter during her treatment and the more mobility it provided her in between the treatments.

     Today, after approximately 10 laser treatments, Scooter is not the dog she was last summer.  She now shows many signs of a playful puppy when she greets us. Technology is amazing. Our family is so thankful for the extra time we have with Scooter and even more grateful for the fact that her playful spirit has been restored. Thanks to the staff at Animal Medical Clinic of Chesapeake and their love and dedication to animals and to Dr. Carrico in making the decision to purchase the K-Laser.