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We know there is a lot of pet information online and sometimes it can be confusing where to look.  So, we have provided some links we believe you may find helpful.  If you still can't find the information you are looking for, just ask us - maybe we can help you find a reliable source!

Fun Community Options:

  • Chesapeake Dog Parks and other Pet-Friendly Sites - Here you will find info on local dog-friendly parks, as well as pet-friendly travel options.Fun at Chesapeake's Bark in the Park Animal Medical of Chesapeake 23320
  • Bark in the Park - a fun event we have participated in since it began more than 20 years ago!  Proceeds benefit our Chesapeake Humane Society. Every October.  Come check out our Haunted Photo Booth with your pets!
  • 5K & 1-Mile Doggy Dash - Come celebrate Cinco de Mayo and support our Chesapeake Humane Society in May


Pet Training Resources:


How our pets help us:

  • The Pet Effect.  There's something mysterious between us and our pets.  It's more than love and loyalty - every year, scientists learn more about the effect pets have on our own physiology.  From slowing down our heart rates to preventing heart disease, allergies and depression, The Pet Effect is real!
  • Working Dogs for Conservation - "We train the best conservation detection dogs & put them to work protecting wildlife and wild places.  We do it to save the World.  They do it for the love of a ball."  You may have seen stories about Colonel & Samarai on our Facebook page - they are two of our patients, and currently down in the Falkland Islands doing biosecurity work.
  • Heeling House - Offers programs for Special Needs Children of all ages and abilities with animal-assisted interactions.  Based in Sterling, Va.
  • Untamed Spirit Therapeutic and Educational Program at Forward Motion Farm - Located on a horse farm in Virginia Beach, their program is 'to enhance and enrich the lives of individuals with special needs through a partnership with horses.' 
  • Canine Companions for Independence - Trains and provides 4 types of assistance dogs for both adults and children with disabilities.      
  • Service Dogs of Virginia - Raises, trains, and places highly trained dogs to assist people with disabilities.  Based in Charlottesville, Virginia.


How we can help our pets:

  • Cornell Feline Health Center.  Looking for reliable information on health topics along with links to videos on cat care? 
  • Indoor Pet Initiative.  Looking for tips on keeping your cat happy and healthy indoors?
  • Winn Feline Foundation's Cat Health Library - Winn Feline Foundation has articles on cat health updated by experts.
  • Pet Poison Helpline - A 24/7 Animal Poison Control Center with resources online and an option to Call (855-764-7661 - fee applies) for consultations with experts if your pet is potentially poisoned.
  • Handicapped PetsDog Wheelchairs, Products, Services and Support for disabled, injured, and aging pets.
  • Pet Insurance Review - This is a site that will offer comparisons of various Insurance plans.  Which plan might be best for your pet will depend on what you want from an insurance plan, and sometimes also what age & breed your pet is, which can impact what options are available to you.
  • CDC Healthy Pets Healthy People - Ever wonder about what germs & diseases we may be able to share with the pets in our lives?
  • Dogs and Ticks - Wondering how common Lyme is in our area?  What about other Tick-borne diseases?  This site has a map has a prevalence map for diseases transmitted by Ticks.
  • CAPC - Companion Animal Parasite Council - Wondering about other parasites, like Intestinal Worms, Heartworms, Tick-borne infections?  Also includes info on Feline Leukemia & FIV in Cats.
  • Pet Pharmacy - Questions about a medicine your pet needs?  This is a great resource for uses and side effects of drugs we use in animals.
  • Walk with a Dog - Support your favorite Animal Organization just by walking with your dog!
  • Binky's Page for Feline Diabetics - This page has a lot of info on Diabetes in cats, from carbohydrate contents in common foods, to how to do glucose curves on your cat at home. 


Nutrition Resources:


Adoption Resources:

  • Chesapeake Humane SocietyOur local humane society.  We work closely with them and support their programs.
  • Chesapeake Animal ServicesOur local 'Animal Control' facility. Works closely with our Chesapeake Humane Society to unite pets with families.
  • BARCDogs.orgSpecializes in PitBull type dogs, which are often over-represented in area shelters.  Opportunities for Fostering and Adoption.
  • FAQs from AAFCO -This website has some practical answers about how to evaluate a pet food ingredient label. 


Pet Loss Resources:

  • Children and Pet Loss - Address age-related developmental stages, questions children may ask, suggestions for including & supporting children as they grieve for their lost pet.  "There is only one smartest dog in the world and every child has it."
  • Pet Cremation Services - Offers cremation services for both large and small animals since 1985.  A selection of urns, jewelry, and stepping stones can also be found here.
  • Animal Hospice Compassionate Crossings - Offers resources and a group of trained volunteers (including a telephone helpline) to provide support, compassion, and a sense of connection for those experiencing or anticipating grief.  There is no charge for their services.